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SOAMI Personalised Jewellery (Truth Bangle)

Soami (pronounced sow-me) is a word blend of the phrase 'so am I'. A brand built upon elegance and simplicity, Soami provides curated jewellery that can be customised with your own "truths".

Soami's truth bangle are hand stamped and can be stamped with your own message - a story, a reminder or even a message of thanks.


    • Engrave your story onto a beautifully handcrafted piece
    • Choose from three different colors (Rose, Gold, Silver)
    • Each bangle is lovingly packaged into a gift box
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  • Need To Know
  • Select your desired delivery date upon checkout
  • Please allow 10 to 14 days working days for fulfillment of your order
  • Choose your preferred color (Rose, Gold, Silver) upon checkout
  • Kindly specify your desired message(s) in the comments box upon checkout
  • Your confirmation email will be emailed to you within 20 minutes of purchase
  • After purchase, our Date Out team will contact you within 36 hours to confirm your order as well as any required details, including customisations and delivery timeframes
  • Quality stainless steel cuff plated in 18k gold (gold cuffs) or IP Rose Gold
  • Hand stamping of a message on both the top and underside of the cuff
    • Outerside: Max 45 characters
    • Innerside 1: Max 17 characters
    • Innerside 2: Max 17 Characters
  • Please specify your desired message(s) and color of your cuffs in the comments box upon checkout.
  • Delivery within Singapore via registered mail

The Truth Bangles is 4mm wide and 2mm thick

These cuffs are hand - stamped. Hand Stamping is performed by hand using steel stamps and a hammer. The maker uses a hammer to impress the letters one by one into the metal. This technique results in variations in character depth and kerning. The charm in this method of stamping is that it leaves behind an organic, human element in the type. No two cuffs are the same.

- San - Serif
- Each letter is 1.5mm in height, 1mm in width
- Letters are blackened
- Letters are in CAPS

Cuffs are made of quality stainless steel, hardy and tarnish/rust-resistant.
The gold cuffs are plated in 18K Gold and the rose gold cuffs are plated in IP Rose Gold.

Adjustable to wrist. Just give it a firm squeeze.

Fits small to medium sized wrists.

Available Characters
Alphabets A-Z (CAPS),
Numbers 0-9
Symbols / . - • ♡ - & | ∞ #

Max 25 characters (outer surface)
Max 17 characters (inner surface)