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Pilates Mat Intro Class by Refindery Fitness
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We know too well what prolonged period of sitting in front of a computer can do to you. Coupled with not having time to exercise? It’s time to make a change to such lifestyles! Want to start working out, but running in a gym just isn’t for you? Try Pilates! Strengthen and tone without bulking out? Yes please. Start introducing a healthier regime to your life because when you love yourself, you can love others better! A healthier body, a healthier you. Start feeling good about your body, start pilates. Bonus complimentary joy and inner peace.

What are you waiting for? Grab your friend and get toned together! 


P.S Only for first timer to Refindery Fitness  

Location: Central


    • Discover new-found stretch and strength in your muscles through a series of exercises
    • Instructors will guide you on the right breathing techniques to complement your workout
    • Strengthen and tone without adding bulk to your body
    • 1 hour of pilates exercises
    • No experience required
    • Discover joy and inner peace!
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  • Need To Know
  • Price stated is for 1 pax
  • Duration is approximately 60 mins
  • Kindly select your preferred date in the dropdown box upon check out (subject to availability)
  • After purchasing, Date Out team will contact you with 36 hours to confirm your appointment with a voucher
  • Please show your voucher when attending all activities via your phone
  • This one time trial class is only for first timers to Refindery Fitness
  • All materials required for the pilates mat session (mat, resistance band) 
  • 1 hour of pilates session
  • Come dressed in comfortable suitable clothes 
  • For first timers only!
  • This is a one time only trial class for Pilates Mat

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46 Kim Yam Road, #02-25 The Herencia, Singapore 239351