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Pouch Leather Crafting by Maketh Project

People who spend time doing activities together bond more. Couples who try new things together are happier and more satisfied than couple who don’t. Literally proven by researchers. With that said, we’ve found the most satisfying “new thing/activity” for you to dip your hands in. Leather crafting requires patience and attentiveness - traits we think should be present in any relationship. Come by and spend a quality afternoon trying your hand at crafting your very own Pouch.

Below is the general description of the workshops:

The leather crafting process covers the following skills/techniques:

- cutting of leather

- punching of holes for stitching

- stitching (running stitch)

- de-bossing of name or initials

Choice of leather/colors will be given during the session.

Location: Central


    • 2-hour workshop
    • Leather Choice/Colours will be given during the session. Workshops include names/initial de-boss


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