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Customized Handcrafted Clay Dishes - Animal Character Toppers

Commemorate your special occasions and immortalize your memories in clay, with Oh Glorious Clay’s intricate and customized clay dishes. These cute & original decorative items will actually serve a purpose.

Gift your loved ones a customized, thoughtful holder for their treasures. From “wedding bands & delicate jewelry” to “little trinklets and even loose coins”, everything looks better when placed inside these beautiful fully customized clay dishes. Look out for our classic options or even the option to include human figurines!

Some of our favorite animal or animal characters hold special meaning, so have them customized for your dish, to always be reminded of that significance. It will make your dish unique and adorable too!


    • Various customizable options (choice of base, 2 animal toppers, and words indent) available
    • Create a meaningful and unique gift that can be used for daily items
    • Delivery cost included with every order
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  • Need To Know
  • Choose the date you want the item to be delivered upon checkout after adding to cart, via our calendar
  • Please allow 6 weeks for fulfillment of your order
  • Choose your preferred Dish Style, Words & Rim Color upon checkout
  • Kindly specify the following information in the comment box upon checkout
    • Shade of Dish (e.g. sky blue, pastel pink, light grey etc.)
    • Toppers Descriptions (Please provide specific descriptions for toppers, including colors and placement on the dish)
    • Word's Customization (Please include heart icon if preferred)
  • Your confirmation email will be emailed to you within 20 minutes of purchase
  • After purchase, our Date Out team will contact you within 36 hours to confirm your order as well as any required details, including customizations and delivery timeframes
  • After our Date Out team contacts you, you will also be required to send over a photo of your preferred animal/pets/animal character via email
  • Approximate Dimensions of clay dish: 4 x 4 x 1.5-2.5 in
  • Date Out will provide a free concierge service to help you perfect your customized item
  • Delivery within Singapore is included with every order