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Date In Box

Tired of spending another night in front of the television? Let Date Out get you back to basics and rekindle the spark that brought you together to begin with!

Our Back to Basics box gives you all the tools and tips you need for your next Date (Night) In – burn an aromatic candle and relax with a moisturising mask. Flip through our suggested conversation topics, including a series of questionnaires that will make you fall in love all over again. End by creating goals as a couple and store them in your customised Date Out bottle so you can see how far you have progressed together as a couple this time next year.

PS. Post your box and tag us (IG: @dateout_official or FB: Date Out) and stand a chance to win $300 worth of vouchers! 

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    • Have a date in the comfort of your own home
    • All materials & instructions will be provided for a fun creative date
    • Free delivery across Singapore
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  • An amazing date night in all in a box
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  • Enjoy your date night in, post some photos, tag us, and stand a chance to win $300 worth of gift vouchers

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