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Customized Hidden Gems Cake (6 Inch)

This home-grown artisanal cakery has been producing beautiful creations for satisfied customers since 2013. Nanatang creates cakes that are (almost) too beautiful to eat but with uniquely local flavors such as “Ondeh Ondeh” as well as “Matcha”, “Hojicha” and “Earl Grey”, who can resist?

Don’t worry, standard flavours such as Chocolate and Vanilla are also available for the less adventurous. Regardless of your taste preference, Nanatang is sure to have something for everyone. Wow your guests and create the perfect instagram photos with this dazzling crystal cake.

Purchase a hidden gems cake today and choose your flavour as well as your preferred stone! Alternatively, you can also check out the Customized Blossom Floral Cake (6 Inch) and Customized Character Cake (6 Inch)!


Are you an aspiring baker or cake artist that has been looking to elevate your cake-ing game? Check out Nanatang’s Cake Workshops for your very own introduction to Nanatang’s secret recipes: Hidden Gem Cake Workshop and the Unicorn Cake Workshop


    • Your very own Nanatang creation delivered to your doorstep!
    • A variety of tastes and designs to fulfill your requirements.
    • Pick from your birthstone to your favorite gemstone and we'll help you to create the cake of the century!
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  • Select your desired delivery date upon checkout
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for fulfillment of your order
  • Choose your preferred Flavor and Filling upon checkout
  • Kindly specify your preferred Color and Crystal/Gem choice in the comment box upon checkout
  • Your confirmation email will be emailed to you within 20 minutes of purchase
  • After purchase, our Date Out team will contact you within 36 hours to confirm your order as well as any required details, including customizations and delivery timeframes
  • Delivery within Singapore