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Customised Rubber Stamp (Couple Cartoon Caricature) by Baisimu
Personalised Gifts

Impress your friends and guests by stamping off as a couple with your very own caricature! Customise your own rubber stamp and gift your partner a unique and extremely cute keepsake today.

Use it on cards, presents, invitations or even angbaos during Chinese New Year for a long lasting impression!


    • Personalise your own rubber stamp with a caricature of 2 person
    • Two names can be included (no more than 10 letters each)
    • Stamp measures 6x6cm
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  • Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for fulfillment of your order
  • After purchase, our Date Out team will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order as well as any required details and delivery timeframes


  • Ticket includes 1 black and white rubber stamp mounted on wood, measuring 6x6cm
  • A draft picture will be provided for approval prior to mounting (price includes one edit)
  • Delivery will be done via registered mail, within Singapore
  • Price includes delivery cost 
  • As this is a caricature, some characteristics will be exaggerated

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